​​Michiana Promotions is an advertising agency designed to:

  1. help companies promote their products and/or services through unique, targeted advertising that
  2. reaches the desired audience, and
  3. accomplishes planned results!

This is done through constant communications with both the client and the advertising sources to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign that meets the needs of the client, while staying within a planned budget.

A small retainer fee is paid each month to Michiana Promotions for paperwork, billing, media research, communication with media sources, placement of all advertising, and “exclusive category protection” - your company will be the only one of its type for which Michiana Promotions is “Agency of Record”.

Each month, you will approve an advertising schedule…and payment for that schedule will be paid in advance.  Then, the elements will be placed with the advertising sources, and any necessary adjustments will be made the following month.

Electronic media (television, radio, and even outdoor) gives agencies a 15% commission, and it will therefore not cost you any more than if you were to place the advertising yourself!  Print, however, does not provide this commission, and it is necessary for Michiana Promotions to add 15% to the cost of print advertising.

However, because of the volume of ads we purchase from the advertising sources, it is possible, even probable, that we will get a better price than any single advertiser can get, and it may therefore not cost any more than if you were to place it yourself!

Bottom line…for a very nominal fee, you can be rid of all the calls from the many people “bothering” you with why you should spend your advertising dollars with them.  Plus, you don’t need to be the one telling them “no”…That’s my job!

Call for a free consultation of your company’s advertising plan (or lack thereof) to see if it makes sense to use and ad agency, and if Michiana Promotions is right for you!

Promotion includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Placing advertising elements on local media (television, radio, print, outdoor)
  2. Arranging to have events broadcast on local radio and television stations
  3. Video taping events​



​​​Michiana Promotions is a company designed to help communities, schools, churches, civic organizations, and companies promote their events, products, and/or services!

​​​Michiana Promotions